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The Landry Learning Center offers a wide array of academic coaching, standardized test preparation, teaching, and tutoring services that focus on student-centered learning and improve overall student performance. Our teaching fosters intellectual curiosity, improves critical thinking, and better prepares students for the rigors of a university education. Our educators take a holistic approach to learning - The Landry Method. We teach students how to learn rather than to simply memorize information. In doing so, we create independent, resourceful, and motivated students with the skills to use their minds effectively. We work with students from elementary school to graduate school across a large field of subjects in both the social and hard sciences.

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Our philosophy of standardized test preparation centers on helping students  master concepts, learn test taking skills, and maximize performance.

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We offer one-on-one tutoring geared toward helping students reach their full academic potential on standardized tests and across a wide variety of school subjects.

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Strong writing skills are imperative to high school and college success no matter the degree program. As such, we offer a variety of courses to meet all students' needs. 

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Our philosophy of standardized test preparation centers on helping students master concepts & then focusing on test taking strategies to maximize performance. First, we assess each student's learning style and identify aspects of the test with which the student is struggling. We track the student's progress through an initial diagnostic exam followed by subsequent intermittent practice exams. We then adjust the study plan according to the student's progress. Our students consistently improve their SAT scores by 200+ points, and some have even increased their scores as much as 350 points.

SAT Preparation

We are a small collective of teachers, tutors, academic coaches, and education counselors who take a holistic approach to creating independent, resourceful, and motivated students who will ultimately become lifelong learners. We work with both high school and college students to maximize their academic potential by engaging them in the learning process and encouraging a love of learning.

Our master teachers, tutors, & academic coaches will prepare you for the SAT, teach you better time management skills, & help you improve your study skills .

About Our Learning Center

Our firm is led by passionate educators who are graduates of the St. Johns Country Day School, a rigorous college preparatory school founded by the former Head of Upper School at the prestigious Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC.  Each of our master teachers holds an advanced degree or certification and has extensive teaching experience. We provide innovative, imaginative, and cutting-edge teaching and tutoring. Within a nurturing environment, we inspire students to perform at their full academic potential while preparing them for the rigors of a university education. Through one-on-one education, both in tutoring and individualized custom learning plans, we seek to foster and encourage intellectual curiosity.

Giving Back
Upendo Junior School
Kiminini, Kenya

In the spirit of Mrs. Landry's generosity, The Landry Learning Center proudly supports Upendo Junior School in Kiminini, Kenya.  Upendo provides tuition-free education to orphans and impoverished children and seeks to build a community of empowered and active learners in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.

Katherine Fisher began her teaching career at the University of Florida and Santa Fe College where she taught U.S. history, women's history, cultural anthropology, & intercultural communication. In 2014, she created the Landry Learning Center where student-centered learning, combined with dialogue, engagement, & critical thinking, pave the path to student success. Her degrees, teaching experience, and research allow her to teach and tutor in a broad array of subjects across the social science disciplines. Her deep understanding of what it takes for a student to have an academically successful college career means that she knows how to successfully prepare students for the rigors of a university education.

Katherine Fisher - Principal Educator

B.A. /  M.S. /  Ph.D. (ABD) / McGraw-Hill Higher Education