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"Meet me at the intersection of history and entertainment."

Katherine Fisher, Owner & Professional Guide

Katherine is a historian of the United States with specializations in the history of women, gender, economics, civic religion, and popular culture and an art historian specializing in Early Christian and Medieval art. She holds Bachelor's degrees in theory and criticism of art and history, a Master's degree in history with a specialization in southern Civil Rights history, and is ABD in a PhD focusing on transnational feminism and economic development.


Katherine's broad and deep knowledge, together with her multi- and interdisciplinary academic experience, allows her to seamlessly combine history, art, literature, anthropology, philosophy, and theory to bring the fascinating history of Washington, DC alive for her guests.


At heart, Katherine is a vivacious, spunky, and natural-born storyteller who befriends everyone she meets - it's her Deep South nature. She loves meeting guests who attend her tours from all over the world, and she makes it a point to get to know each and every one of them.


After lecturing US history, world history, women's history, cultural anthropology, and intercultural communication at the University of Florida and Santa Fe College for more than a decade, Katherine packed her bags and headed for the big city. Now she's a bonafide DC resident with an uncanny knowledge of the city and its history - museums, monuments, memorials, spies, historic neighborhoods, and cultural treasures.


Possessing a veritable sponge of a brain, Katherine regales her guests with captivating stories of Washington, DC. She brings her research, educational, and world travel experience to her exciting tours and shows her guests the rich history of the city in an unwaveringly enthusiastic way. In her free time, Katherine is busy at work on a novel and a book of short stories and is always planning a faraway adventure.

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