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The Landry Learning Center offers a wide array of academic coaching, standardized test preparation, teaching, and tutoring services that focus on student-centered learning and improve overall student performance. We are a small team of passionate educators who encourage critical thinking through dialogue and engagement while challenging students to reach their greatest academic potential. 

Teach. Tutor. Think.

Thank you so much for tutoring me in AP U.S. History.  I just got my score and I got a 5!  I loved the way that you made history more accessible to me.

P. M., Student

Thank you so much for all of your help preparing me for the SAT. I am happy to tell you that my score increased from 1650 to 2210 after having taken your course this summer.


L.R., Student

Student Success Stories

Ms. Fisher created a custom summer grammar & writing program for our daughter. By the time school started, her writing was much improved.

K. L. Babcock

We wish to sincerely thank you for the academic coaching that you provided to our son, Jacob. He has embraced the time management & organizational skills that you taught him and is doing much better in school.  We are most grateful.


Mr. & Mrs. H.  Kendrick

Kudos for Katherine Fisher

Thank you for all of the hard work that you have done with fact checking and editing chapters in our new and innovative college history textbook, Becoming America.  The entire team wishes to thank you for your scholarly input and insight as we worked toward creating this new U.S. history survey. 


McGraw-Hill Higher Education

I was struggling with the writing and critical reading sections of the SAT, so I asked Ms. Fisher for help.  Within six weeks, I was able to improve my score by 200 points.  I got a 2170 overall with a 740 in math, a 720 in reading, a 720 in writing, and an 11 on the essay! With years of teaching under her belt, Ms. Fisher demonstrated amazing prowess whenever I did not completely understand something by bringing in new perspectives to help me understand the material.  She took the time to gauge me as a student and molded her teaching to suit my needs. I'll be attending William and Mary!

A.L., Student

Our master teachers, tutors, & academic coaches will prepare you for the SAT, teach you better time management skills, & help you improve your study skills .

We are a small collective of teachers, tutors, academic coaches, and education counselors who take a holistic approach to creating independent, resourceful, and motivated students who will ultimately become lifelong learners. We work with both high school and college students to maximize their academic potential by engaging them in the learning process and encouraging a love of learning.

The Landry Method


We will design a holistic program of  improvement that is tailored to your specific academic needs. 


We will then assist you in fully implementing your customized individual learning plan.


We will assess your strengths, weaknesses, learning style, interests, & areas for improvement.

I am so excited to tell you that I received a score of 2340 on my SAT! I got a perfect score on the writing and math portions and a 740 on the reading portion of the exam. Thank you so much for all of the help that you gave me in reading and writing. I will take all of your lessons with me to college! 


J.B., Student