Mrs. Cynthia Landry

 Mrs. Landry lived a life of adventure, and in us, her beloved students, she instilled that sense of adventure. She regaled us with stories of her years working with the Peace Corps in Africa and of her many trips around the world. She also instilled in us the very need to always be compassionate and to help others whenever possible. Those of us at the Landry Learning Center follow Mrs. Landry's lead in our education work. Each student deserves to know the love and joy of learning, and that is what we endeavor to do. Mrs. Landry taught her students to fly, and we wish to do the same for our students.

"As Thy Days, So Shall Thy Strength Be."

Each of the classrooms in the original St. Johns Country Day School buildings had exposed brick walls upon which our teachers chalked inspiring messages and quotes. With great gratitude to all who taught us, we continue that tradition on the walls of the Landry Learning Center.

The Landry Method

The Landry Method is a holistic and comprehensive approach to academic and life learning that was developed by Katherine Fisher in honor of her high school history teacher, Mrs. Cynthia Landry. Beloved by all, Mrs. Landry taught her students much more than American and European history; above all, she taught them about the joy of learning. The Landry Method focuses on developing empowered and active learners and seeks to ensure that every student is inspired to become a lifelong learner. This method goes beyond academics to help students increase self-esteem, build confidence, and optimize their potential as high school students, college students, and ultimately career professionals.


We will assess the student's strengths, weaknesses, learning style, interests, & areas for improvement. This will be done through diagnostic testing and in-depth discussion about any issues - academic, organizational, or otherwise.


We will design a holistic, customized program of  improvement that is tailored to each student's specific academic needs. We are a team of educators with many areas of expertise and a variety of resources that we combine to ensure that all academic, organizational, or other needs are met.


The third step is to assist the student in fully implementing the program of help that we design for him or her. All members of our team - educators and counselors - will be instrumental in implementation. Our goal is to ensure that the program is holistic and incorporates all necessary elements.