The Landry Learning Center combines academic and organizational coaching with homework help to ensure student success by focusing on student-centered learning and improving overall student performance. Our teaching fosters intellectual curiosity, improves critical thinking, and better prepares students for the rigors of a university education. The teachers at Landry Learning take a holistic approach to education - The Landry Method. We teach students how to learn rather than to simply memorize information. In doing so, we create independent, resourceful, and motivated students with the skills to use their minds effectively. We work with students from elementary school to graduate school across a large field of subjects in both the social and hard sciences.


Academic coaching is a holistic approach to helping students achieve their academic goals. We promote independence, time management, self-management, and self-confidence through personalized coaching plans. Following an initial assessment, some or all of the following may be incorporated into the plan, with additional needs being incorporated as required.


  • Identifying & working through obstacles to academic success

  • Learning how to learn

  • Critical thinking

  • Developing excellent study skills & habits

  • Effective note taking skills

  • Getting motivated

  • Exam strategies & techniques

  • Balancing academics & extracurricular activities

  • Improving overall academic performance

  • Memorization techniques


Good organizational skills are key to maximizing academic performance and having a successful academic life, whether in high school or college. Organizational coaching is a process by which we help students organize their time, skills, goals, and tasks in order to feel less overwhelmed and to help with their overall academic life. Some or all of the following will be addressed, as well as any other issues the coach or student may discern during the process.


  • Organizational skills

  • Time management

  • Developing realistic goals

  • Prioritizing tasks

  • Self-monitoring

  • Creating and following a schedule

  • Self-advocacy

  • Effective resource utilization


The teachers at the Landry Learning Center are available for a wide variety of homework help for elementary to high school students. We assess each student's learning style and tailor our homework help program to his or her specific needs. In doing so, we not only help students with their homework but also empower them to become agents in their own academic success.


  • Essay writing

  • Assignment support

  • Proofreading

  • Project support

  • Exam preparation

  • Research techniques

  • Study planning