Katherine Fisher began her teaching career at the University of Florida and Santa Fe College where she taught U.S. history, women's history, cultural anthropology, & intercultural communication. In 2014, she created the Landry Learning Center where student-centered learning, combined with dialogue, engagement, & critical thinking, pave the path to student success. Her degrees, teaching experience, and research allow her to teach and tutor in a broad array of subjects across the social science disciplines. Her deep understanding of what it takes for a student to have an academically successful college career means that she knows how to successfully prepare students for the rigors of a university education.

Katherine Fisher

B.A. /  M.S. /  Ph.D. (ABD) / McGraw-Hill Higher Education

Corrie Gross

B.A. /  M.S. / LMHC

Corrie Gross is a pyschology professor at Santa Fe College and a psychotherapist who has worked with children and adults. Corrie holds a Bachelor of Arts in pyschology and a Master of Science in pyschology with three specializations: school testing; guidance and counseling; and mental health counseling. She is credentialed in and has taught psychology and critical thinking for the past ten years. She has more than fourteen years experience working with a variety of clients in a clinical setting, both children and adults alike. She has also worked in both private and public schools. She writes a blog on emotionaly positive parenting and offers parenting workshops that cover a wide array of issues, including education, life transitions, self empowerment, & emotional healing.

Allison Dillaberry is a former high school and middle school teacher who now edits and writes for a popular website about motherhood. She has taught world, American, and British literature, in-depth courses in grammar, reading classes, and a journalism course. She is well-versed in the classics of literature and has a keen eye for identifying and helping students with reading and writing difficulties. She is passionate about the art of writing and loves to share her exuberance with others. Like Katherine Fisher, she is also a graduate of the St. Johns Country Day School, and later returned to her alma mater as a teacher.

Allison Dillaberry

B.A. /  ESOL  / Reading Endorsed

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